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Equity and bond investments since over 20 years, made in Germany.

Independent and your partner for long-term success

Since its foundation in 2000 by Peter Dreide, TBF has been operating as an owner-operated company independent of capital market fashions. This independence gives TBF the freedom to implement its own values and investment strategies exclusively in the interests of its investors. In doing so, TBF always pursues the goal of continuous development and thus always being one step ahead of the increasing demands of the market.

TBF stands for active asset management with the aim of generating long-term added value for its investors and sees itself as a supplier to the financial industry. The three letters form the cornerstones for income-oriented daily action.

Focused and specialised on selected topics

We focus on topics from the sectors of industry, technology, energy and M&A as well as modern bond strategies and create added value for our partners in those areas.

Data base
Independent database, software and analysis models as a base

In-house software and risk models combined with our extensive database form a professional foundation for active and independent asset management./p>

Own research as a foundation for long-term returns

We generate and review our fundamentals and investment ideas through approximately 300 company visits, senior level meetings and various field trips globally annually.


Many years of experience in the industry

TBF is a sustainable partner in asset management with a professional set-up in all organisational entities as well as experienced and motivated professionals. Our team is characterised by many years of experience in portfolio management combined with a solid team structure underpinned by sustainable growth.

Portfolio management, research & trading

12 Employees
On average, 20 years’ professional experience

Operations, finance & risk management

11 Employees
On average, 20 years’ professional experience

Marketing, sales & publicity

6 Employees
On average, 20 years’ professional experience

Transparent and unique investment process

Investment ideas are developed and reviewed during field trips and company meetings. The investment process is based on the company's own database for company analysis and the risk model, which has been tried and tested over many years, is the foundation of all strategies. TBF allows no interpretation here and thus dictates an emotionless action guideline for investments.


Our added value for your allocation

To ensure maximum transparency for our investors, TBF is dedicated to an open and qualitative approach to communication. Furthermore, TBF's strong financial and independent position provides the necessary stability for a long-term and successful cooperation.

Our investment strategies - separate or as a mix

Our investment funds invest globally. However, due to our focus topics, our target regions are North America, Europe and Asia. TBF offers equity and bond funds, defensive multi-asset funds and absolute return funds as well as the management of institutional funds and special mandates.